“Beyond horses and cattle I considered nothing of vital importance except good stories and the people who wrote them.”
—Willa Cather

I’m a creative consultant in Montréal working across strategy, research and production. I collaborate closely with organizations to build authentic narratives that support effective messaging, meaningful experiences, and sustainable growth. My approach is rooted in storytelling and craftsmanship. I create powerful strategies for brands seeking authenticity, meaning and emotion. (For my journalism work, head here.)


01. Intelligence
02. Strategy
03. Editorial

01. Intelligence
Studying and understanding markets, micro and macro trends, brands, systems, behaviour and socio-political context to drive strategic recommendations, using a blend of research tools.
Trends monitoring
Market research
Customer research

02. Strategy
Building coherent narratives to support decision-making for sustainable growth, and to forge authentic connections with audiences.
Brand strategy
Brand identity and culture
Content strategy
Leadership consulting
Employer brand

03. Editoral
Executing on identity and strategy work by producing content that speaks to the brand’s story, purpose and values.

Culture building for female leaders, workshop series hosted with the Tap In Team in Montreal, New York and Toronto, summer 2018.


01. Collaboration
02. Workshops
03. Brand guidelines
04. Editorial content

01. Collaboration

My clients are partners. I choose methods, tools based on project needs, building bespoke approaches for each organization. I work in close collaboration with you throughout the process to yield impactful results without (bad) surprises.
02. Workshops

Strategy work can be completed by interactive workshops that stimulate creativity, reinforce collaboration within your organization, and liberate knowledge. This highly participative process builds engagement around new initiatives and facilitates change.

03. Brand guidelines

I draw from a range of fields (ethnography, journalism, design thinking...) to research and produce compelling and informed documentation containing actionable recommandations for your team.
04. Editoral content

I produce authentic and engaging editorial content that spurs meaningful connexions with your audience while respecting your purpose and identity. I believe that the best communication strategy allows you to stray true to yourself.


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Montréal Inc.
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